Our gym has the latest Star-trac equipment able to be customised to each clients needs and aims. It's the best-equipped gym in Krakow. Everyone will find something, men and women.

The gym is divided into the following zones:

– 8 treadmills equipped with the latest heart rate monitor technology, 3 cross-trainers, a stepper, a rower, numerous bikes, and the novelty of the Polish keep-fit market, an E-spinner which allows you to cycle according to a specific programme with a virtual instructor. All the equipment uses innovative technology to help with weight loss. Cardiozone looks out upon a most beautiful view of mountains, forests and hills.














Isotoniczone – this zone is specially configured to aid group exercise and each apparatus has dual-functions. Specifically designed for the elderly and for customers carrying all types of injuries with the customers safety as paramount. Instead of the hassle of pins, our equipment provides a easy to use system of Lock and Roll. This apparatus isolates muscle groups, avoiding any type of discomfort and injury. Isotonic exercises provide many benefits: improving posture, balance and coordination, improving the cardiovascular system, improving muscle strength, improving the strength of tendons and ligaments, improving your body-image, and increasing bone strength.
These allow you to complete full-strength training using the latest such apparatus on the market today. It allows customers to engage in full, modern and professional strength training.

Free-weight Zone – semi-free set of machines helping to fill the gap between free-weights and isotonic apparatus. They are machines that allow customers to do effective strength training who don't have high physical strength but still want to partake in such training. Using this apparatus gives the feel of exercise with barbells and dumbbells without requiring special concentration of proper posture. The forced motion of the machines ensures an effective stabilisation of joints throughout the most critical phases exercise, even under maximum load.
This zone of free and semi-free weights (dumbbells, comfortable benches: Olympic,multi-functional, max-rack) enables exercises on different planes.














  • Strengthening exercises, also known as Isotonic exercises encourage the body to work harder, which in turn stimulates the growth of small proteins inside each muscle, which play an important role in the capacity of these muscles to exert strength. On the way to improved self-esteem and/or perception of your body these exercises are very effective.
  • We are one of the very few fitness clubs in Krakow to run group classes with an instructor in the actual gym itself. These classes are differentiated on purpose: cardio-training to burn fat, build strength, and for general fitness. Circuit-training which shapes the body reinforces each muscle group and prepares the body for future aims of more specific training: abdominal muscle training, back muscles, and correcting posture. Every workout ends with stretching.


  • We also have a zone to exercise your abdominal muscles on the following devices: